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Naavi has been always vocal in pointing out flaws in the drafting of any law or regulation and has several times raised his voice against some of the decisions of the Government.

One occasion was when there was an attempt to sneak in ISO 27001 certification as a “Deemed Compliance” of Section 43A of ITA 2000 when after a series of RTI applications he was able to get a partial retraction through an admission from the Ministry that the intention of the notification was not to promote ISO 27001.

During the time ITA 2000 was under revision in 2005-2008, Naavi published many suggestions on what needs to be done and followed up with criticisms when required.

Of late when the Data Protection Law has been in drafting mode, Naavi has significantly contributed to the fine tuning of the law and continues to educate all stake holders though in the process he might have ruffled many feathers.

Another prolonged battle that Naavi has undertaken is on opposing the attempted recognition of Crypto Currencies like Bit Coin. The fight which was launched several years back finally resulted in the Government taking appropriate steps to out law private Crypto Currencies and introduce an official digital currency such as the CBDC. The tokenised version of CBDC-retail is a derivative of the Digital Value Imprinted Instrument System (DVIIS) which Naavi had proposed in around 2008 for which the provisional patent had also been applied.

In future also Naavi is likely to continue his adequacy in issues such as introducing indigenous framework for data protection audit and other issues.

All these measures have contributed significantly to the field of Cyber Law and Data Protection law in India. His innovative thoughts on Pseudonymization gateway, Self evaluation of Data Trust Score online make compliance  easier and affordable to SMEs and MSMEs.

The website itself is often called the Wikipedia of Cyber Laws in India and is a reference book for students.

In the coming days we can also expect advocacy for Neuro Rights legislation in India.

During his time, Naavi has promoted several organizations to carry on his mission one of which is the Cyber  Society of India, (CySi)  Chennai of which he was the founder secretary. He was also the founder trustee of IIIT Law in Bangalore, Founder Chairman of Digital Society of India, Bangalore and Chairman of the Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India, Bangalore (FDPPI). He is now in the process of a major initiative of setting up a “Federation of Data Protection Consultants” in India which could be the source of all future Data Auditors who may come up in India under the Data Protection Act.

Naavi promoted the idea of celebrating October 17 as the “Digital Society Day” of India in commemoration of the day on which ITA 2000 was notified in the year 2000.

In 2015, Naavi had released a Vision document in which several innovative thoughts like the “Regulated Anonymity”, “Privacy Protection Zones”, “Social Media Addiction” etc had been discussed which still carry relevance today. More recently, the “Shape of Things to Come” collated some of the thoughts of Naavi on Data Protection laws which need attention even after the new Data Protection law becomes effective.

As regards ITA 2000, the website presents the developments in the Indian Cyber Laws since around 1998 and is a reference page for students of Cyber Law.

Additionally, the network of websites   including,,,, represent the different dimensions of Naavi which evolved over time.

The legacy of Naavi will therefore live through the various organizations that he has set up and in concepts such as the Digital Society Day.

What distinguishes Naavi from others is the persistence against all odds and a self less pursuit of his objectives without any commercial undertones.

The value of a publication like and the free videos put in public space through YouTube are of treasure houses of knowledge which students of Cyber Law and Data Protection will cherish for many more years to come.


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