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Yet another area where Naavi has contributed through consistent efforts is on the use of “Online Dispute Resolutions” (ODR) for resolving disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Way back in 2005, Naavi started advocating ODR and piloted a proof of concept which was unique because apart from the virtual conferencing tool the service integrated a back office service and the CEAC service to provide a Section 65B evidenced conference. It was also presented to the Supreme Court committee for adoption through a leading IT company.

At the time Naavi advocated the service,  the Courts were very reluctant to allow live coverage of its proceedings and much less a recording of the proceedings. Today it has become common and are even getting mandated in the procedural laws under ITA 2000. Naavi was however a pioneer in recommending this method of ADR.

Naavi is even now pursuing setting up of a ODR service for Data Dispute resolutions through FDPPI.



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