Another Life Time Award …For Privacy

In a glittering function at T-Hub, Knowledge City, Hyderabad, EndNow Foundation of Hyderabad presented a “Life-Time Achievement Award for Contribution to Privacy” to Naavi.

Mr Suman Talwar the well known Cine Artist gave away the award.

Mr Anil Rachamalla, the founder of End Now Foundation was present during the occasion along with several other dignitaries.

The Occasion was celebrated as an event of the “Sociawood” as an industry of Social Media contributors, a term similar to Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Sandalwood, Tollywood etc. Several Social Media Influencers with millions of followers were also honoured on the occasion.

At a time India is discussing the Data Protection Act, the Information Technology Act, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Fake issues, Social Media Influencers need to ensure that they follow ethical and legal principles to ensure that their contributions to the society are beneficial. has been advocating responsible behaviour for bloggers and had even recommended a “Self Regulation for Cyber Law Compliant Bloggers” in the past. A similar movement to develop a “Cyber Law Compliant” Social Media Influencers is required at present.


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