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Please Note:  is the main website of Naavi for information on Cyber Law. This website is an attempt to trace the journey of Naavi in Cyber Space over 3 decades. 

Cyber Law and Data Protection Consultant

 Na.Vijayashankar, more popularly known as Naavi, is a pioneer in the field of Cyber Law in India. He was the author of the first book (1999) and first E-Book (2003) on Cyber Laws in India. He has also authored other books including E Books, “Cyber Laws, ITA 2000 and beyond”, “Cyber Laws for Engineers”, “Cyber Crimes and ITA 2008”, Personal Data Protection Act of India (PDPA 2020) etc.

Naavi is the founder of the premier Cyber Law Portal in India. He has also introduced pioneering web based services such as Cyber Evidence Archival Center ( specializing in Section 65B Certification of electronic documents and Real-time interaction based Online arbitration Center ( ) for online arbitration with evidential back up.

Naavi was the first person to successfully get conviction in a Criminal Court (State of Tamil Nadu Vs Suhas katti) where the Section 65B certified evidence was produced for the first time in India. He was also the person who successfully carried through the historical adjudication case of S. Umashankar Vs ICICI Bank through the Adjudicator of Tamil Nadu, The Cyber Appellate Tribunal, The TDSAT and the Madras High Court.

Naavi is the founder of Cyber Law College  which is the pioneering Virtual educational institution in India dedicated to Cyber Law Education. Naavi is a visiting faculty in a number of institutions including NLSUI Bangalore, Nalsar, Hyderabad, BMS Law College, Bangalore etc. He is also a guest faculty in NPA, and several other organizations.

Naavi is a leading HIPAA, ITA 2008, GDPR and Indian Data Protection compliance auditor. He has developed exclusive framework for compliance and audit namely “Data Protection Compliance Standard of India”, a standard for data valuation namely “Data Valuation Standard of India”, Method for evaluation of compliance through “Data Trust Score” (DTS) etc.

Naavi has been a thought leader and has propounded a Theory of Data to explain the Techno Legal aspects of Data.

Naavi has also introduced the concept of “Theory of Information Security Motivation” to explain the challenges in introduction of IS in an organization.

Another innovative thought Naavi suggested was for the industry to develop an “Intermediary Dispute Resolution Policy” on  the lines of the UDRP to develop a self regulatory mechanism.

Naavi has extensive senior corporate executive experience behind him. He has been an ex-Banker and Consultant to several Companies in Finance and IT Services. He has held top management positions in several companies engaged in the business of Banking, Advertising, IT Infrastructure Services and IT product marketing services.

Naavi is presently focusing on spreading awareness of  Neuro Rights Protection in India.

Naavi is also a well-known Netizen Activist and is available through e-mail

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